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Livefyre Certified as Backplane 2.0 Compliant

(PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Livefyre, the leading provider of real-time social software, today announced that it is certified as Backplane 2.0 compliant, allowing the companys conversation and social curation applications to work seamlessly with other applications in a secure environment on its customers websites.

Livefyre CEO and Founder, Jordan Kretchmer stated, Livefyre is committed to delivering the very best user experience possible to our customers and their audiences. As part of this, it is critical for us to provide them with an open platform that gives them flexibility and choice when selecting the best mix of technology to meet their needs. We are proud that StreamHub is the first real-time platform to be certified Backplane 2.0 compliant and look forward to continuing to support this open standard as its adoption continues to grow.

Backplane Protocol is a proposed open standard that provides a secure framework for communication between multiple independent client- and server-side parties. Through Backplane, applications can communicate securely and in real-time, so when a user takes action in one app, the other apps will get the update. This enables social log-in, gamification, real-time commenting and social curation apps that were built by different technology providers to work seamlessly with each other, creating a unified user experience.

“We are excited to have great technology companies like Livefyre join the Backplane community. Having dedicated partners that adhere to certification requirements set out by the various working groups is critical to the growth of markets leveraging those technologies and part of the ongoing success of the OpenID Foundation and Open Identity Exchange,” Don Thibeau, Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation and Open Identity Exchange.

Previously Backplane 1.0 compliant, Livefyre now supports the following enhancements with Backplane 2.0:

Efficiency: Backplane 2.0 filters by message type so other Backplane 2.0 applications can ignore specific actions that are irrelevant to their role in the user experience. This improves the performance between the server and the browser.

Security: Restricted access to authorized clients (server-to-server data transfer) improves the overall security of the inter-app communication.

Flexibility: Backplane 2.0 builds on Backplane 1.0 support for shared social identity to also support application activities and the ability to notify other apps that the activity took place. If a user leaves a comment, they can be awarded a badge for that activity, with the badge being provided through a different application.

Over 20 leading technology companies are certified as Backplane 2.0 compliant, including Badgeville, Livefyre, Janrain and Marketo.

About Livefyre

Livefyre is bringing social to the rest of the web, helping brands build engaging real-time conversations and community around their owned content. The companys suite of real-time products are defining a new breed of web and mobile experiences that boost website traffic, increase user engagement and drive revenue. As the sixth largest network online, Livefyre is powering real-time social experiences for over 200 leading brands including American Idol, AOL, Bravo, CBS, Conde Nast, Dow Jones/WSJ, FOX, Newsweek/Daily Beast, Showtime, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times.

Founded in 2009 with offices in San Francisco and New York, Livefyre was named one of the best places to work in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times. For more information, visit http://www.livefyre.com.


Storify by Livefyre Joins Elite Twitter Certified Program

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

Livefyre, provider of the leading real-time conversation and social curation platform, today announced that Storify by Livefyre has joined the Twitter Certified Program, recognizing Livefyres commitment to building high-quality products that help customers successfully engage their audiences through real-time storytelling.

Storify, acquired by Livefyre in 2013, has long been recognized as the leading social storytelling platform by major media companies, brands, political organizations and non-profit organizations. Its acceptance into the Twitter Certified Program solidifies its position among the best tools and services leveraging Twitters platform.

Storify enables users to search for Tweets, status updates, photos and video across all major social networks from its editing dashboard, and then place media into a story with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Storify has over a million users, including NBC, Yahoo!, the BBC, CBC News, Cox Media Group, ESPN, The Weather Channel, Al Jazeera, the White House, Human Rights Watch and the British royal family.

Stories generated through Storifys free version are published on storify.com and can be embedded on any website. Storify VIP includes advanced customization features such as private stories, real-time updates, custom sources, API integration and customized styling of embeds.

This recognition of quality comes as Livefyre is increasingly working with Twitter to help customers build exceptional social experiences for their fans. Most recently, the two companies worked with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to develop first-of-its-kind technology to capture fan-submitted photos beside stars on the Oscars red carpet. Hundreds of fans received photos of themselves on the red carpet, resulting in 19 thousand uses of the hashtag and more than 81 million potential impressions.

Weve worked with Twitter for years to help our mutual customers forge stronger connections with their audiences, said Jordan Kretchmer, Founder and CEO of Livefyre. Recognizing Storify as one of the best solutions for brands on Twitter means we will be able to deliver our superior solutions to even more clients.

About Livefyre

Livefyre helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation and social advertising. With Livefyre’s social CMS, brands can integrate real-time social content into their websites, mobile apps, and advertisements and television broadcasts to increase viewer engagement, boost website traffic and drive revenue. As the fourth largest network online, Livefyre is powering real-time social experiences for over 600 leading brands including American Idol, AOL, Bravo, CBS, Conde Nast, Cox Media Group, Dow Jones/WSJ, FOX Sports, Mashable, NASCAR, Showtime, Sony Playstation, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, Unilever and Universal Music Group. Livefyre acquired social storytelling platform Storify in September 2013 and social application provider Realtidbits in November 2013.

Founded in 2009 with offices in San Francisco, New York, London and Sydney, Livefyre was named one of the best places to work in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and 2013 Corporate IT Software Company of the year by the World Technology Network. For more information, visit http://www.livefyre.com or follow us Twitter and Instagram at @livefyre or @storify.