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City of West Hollywood Paints a Colorful Path to Pedestrian Safety

West Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2015

The City of West Hollywood is implementing a pedestrian safety plan and installing a series of new sidewalk-art illustrations. The three-dimensional (3D) artworks feature vibrant characters from the Citys Alice in WeHoLand crosswalk safety video, which was released in October 2014. The video is part of a multi-faceted campaign aimed at encouraging drivers and pedestrians to act safely. To date, the video has received more than 650,000 views; it can be viewed on YouTube at http://youtu.be/4OCPSYRfT6o and a link is posted on the Citys website http://www.weho.org.

Fanciful characters from Alice in WeHoLand take center stage in the Citys sidewalk-art effort. Installation began on Friday, March 6, 2015 and will continue until Tuesday, March 31, 2015. Five unique images will be painted on sidewalks along Santa Monica Boulevard between San Vicente and La Cienega Boulevards. Each message will feature a speech bubble urging walkers to pay more attention to crosswalks and to devote less time to digital distractions, such as text messages, emails, and social media. When viewed at a specific angle, the images appear in 3D; pedestrians can jump in and become part of the art for photos and selfies. The art features prominently placed QR codes, which link to the video; there are also hashtags, #winkthenwalk and @wehocity, for photo posting.

These drawings are about looking and seeing, said City of West Hollywood Mayor John DAmico. Something we hope every pedestrian will do before they step into the street.

Images on the north side of the street will be near crosswalks at Hancock Avenue, Westmount Drive, and Palm Avenue; images on the south side of the street will be near Hancock Avenue and Westbourne Drive. The artworks are being installed by We Talk Chalk, a full-service creative agency that offers unique 3D street painting and chalk art; semi-permanent paint is being applied and it is expected that the images will last approximately one year.

Besides getting the attention of distracted drivers through lights and signage, our other challenge is to get the attention of distracted pedestrians, said Councilmember John J. Duran. This is one more way to get pedestrians to remove their noses from their iPhones and look left and right at moving traffic. A fully aware pedestrian is rarely an accident victim.

Alice in WeHoLand was produced by the City and conceived by YouTube sensation Todrick Hall, a singer, actor, director, choreographer, and dancer who rose to the semi-finals of American Idol in its ninth season. The video is a humorous West Hollywood-themed parody of Taylor Swifts hit song Shake It Off. The dance-filled video offers viewers a colorful twist on Alices Adventures in Wonderland set to crosswalk safety lyrics, written by Hall, about curbing smartphone use and walking and driving safely.

West Hollywood is my community of choice and I want to do everything I can to get people to be safe here, said Todrick Hall. Bringing Alice in WeHoLand to life, and now seeing these fantastic images on City sidewalks, has been amazing. I think this campaign has gotten people talking and paying more attention.

The video features a vibrant cast of characters with drag queens, gym-bunnies, models, go-go boys, and fierce dancers who perform a pulsating choreographed routine in West Hollywoods iconic Rainbow Crosswalks, as well as other recognizable locations in the City. The campaign also includes a series of outdoor, print, and online advertising.

The installation of sidewalk illustrations is part of the Education component of a three-part plan for pedestrian safety Engineering, Education, and Enforcement which was adopted by the West Hollywood City Council in October 2014.

In late 2014, the City installed Variable Message Signs trailer-mounted programmable signs that urge drivers to slow down for a Crosswalk Safety Zone along Santa Monica Boulevard. The City also implemented a pedestrian phase on every signal cycle for Friday and Saturday nights at crosswalks located at Santa Monica Boulevard/San Vicente Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard/Robertson Boulevard.

In January 2015, the City rolled out short-term measures to improve unsignalized crosswalks along Santa Monica Boulevard. Enhancements included: 1) In-street pedestrian crosswalk signage, which are bright neon yellow vertical signs posted at street-center to warn drivers that it is State Law to Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk, and 2) Reflective raised pavement markers installed at the leading edge of crosswalks, which help to alert motorists of crosswalk locations and slow traffic. Locations of these improvements are along Santa Monica Boulevard at 10 crosswalks.

Deputies from the West Hollywood Sheriffs Stations Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) team and Community Impact Team (CIT) have been conducting a special crosswalk operation at various locations throughout the City, as well.

Upcoming measures include completion of studies to determine the extent of potential engineering improvements that can enhance safety. The City is considering a plan to install new traffic and pedestrian signals at current uncontrolled crosswalks on Santa Monica Boulevard between San Vicente Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard at West Knoll Drive, Westmount Drive, Hancock Avenue, and Palm Avenue.

For more information about pedestrian safety, including safety tips for walkers, visit http://www.weho.org/pedestriansafety.

For additional information about pedestrian safety in the City of West Hollywood, please contact Lisa Marie Belsanti at (323) 848-6378. For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, please call TTY (323) 848-6496.



NPSF, DAISY Foundation, and Hill-Rom Team Up to Recognize Nurses for Patient Safety Efforts

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 22, 2015

The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), a central voice for patient safety since 1997, and the DAISY Foundation, an organization that was founded to honor nurses who provide exceptional, compassionate care, are teaming up to recognize nurses with the National Patient Safety Foundations DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. The inaugural awards will be conferred at the 17th annual NPSF Patient Safety Congress, which takes place April 29-May 1, 2015, in Austin, Texas.

This award program will recognize nurses for their personal commitment to patient safety in the delivery of compassionate care to patients and families. The awards will also raise awareness of the significance of nursing care with respect to patient and workforce safety.

The National Patient Safety Foundation recognizes that all health professionals play critical roles in ensuring patient and workforce safety, said Tejal K. Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, president and CEO, NPSF. This award provides an opportunity to formally recognize and celebrate some of the most exceptional contributions to patient and workforce safety by nurses.

The DAISY Foundations signature program, the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, is recognized by more than 1,800 health care facilities in all 50 states and in 13 other countries. Participating organizations use the program to provide ongoing recognition of the skill and compassion of nurses. Nominees for the National Patient Safety Foundations DAISY Award are nurses who have been recognized with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses by their organizations in 2013 or 2014. Letters of support from chief nursing officers, managers, and patients and families will augment the nominees DAISY Award stories, providing insight into their ongoing commitment to safe practice. Two recipients, selected by a panel of nurses, physicians, and family representatives, will be chosen to receive the awards at the NPSF Congress.

The National Patient Safety Foundations DAISY Award is made possible by a generous three-year grant from Hill-Rom, a leading global provider of clinical technology and patient safety solutions that enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers.

“Our mission at DAISY is to honor nurses’ extraordinary acts of compassion toward patients and families,” said Bonnie Barnes, FAAN, co-founder and president of the DAISY Foundation. “There is nothing more compassionate than protecting patients with safe, thoughtful care, so we are delighted to partner with NPSF and Hill-Rom to celebrate nurses who demonstrate this in their everyday practice.”

For updates about the award and the NPSF Patient Safety Congress, visit http://www.npsf.org/congress2015.

About the National Patient Safety Foundation

The National Patient Safety Foundations vision is to create a world where patients and those who care for them are free from harm. A central voice for patient safety since 1997, NPSF partners with patients and families, the health care community, and key stakeholders to advance patient safety and health care workforce safety and disseminate strategies to prevent harm. NPSF is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. To learn more about the Foundations work, visit http://www.npsf.org.

About the DAISY Foundation

The DAISY Foundation was created in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of an auto-immune disease (hence the name, an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System.) Patrick received extraordinary care from his nurses, and his family felt compelled to express their profound gratitude for the compassion and skill nurses bring to patients and families every day. The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses celebrates nurses in over 1,800 healthcare facilities around the world. For more information about The DAISY Award and the Foundations other recognition of nurses, faculty and students, visit http://www.DAISYfoundation.org.